What is this site?

If you’re a manager looking for a fun overview of analytics / big data / operations research topics or you’re an analyst looking to learn a little more, then this is the blog for you. Let me break down how we’re going to discuss analytics within this blog.

There’s this crazy genre called “business fiction.” Books that both attempt to tell a narrative and explain some business concept to the reader. The most famous example is perhaps The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt where he teaches the reader the Theory of Constraints using a narrative. I’m not recommending you read it, mostly because TOC isn’t complicated enough to deserve a whole book.

These narratives are cheesy. You can’t write compelling fiction while being didactic or even allegorical. That’s why Lord of the Rings is better than the Narnia books. But, that said, business fiction narratives do a better job teaching concepts to adults than dry, technical writing. Narratives help motivate and contextualize why we need to learn something and allow us to create analogies to our own work environments.

Analytics Made Skeezy is a fake blog. Each post is part of a larger narrative designed to teach a variety of analytics topics while keeping it interesting. Using a single narrative allows me to contrast various approaches within the same fake world. And ultimately that’s what this blog is about: teaching the reader when to use certain analytic tools. I’ll try to stay in Excel as much as possible, because unlike the rest of the analytics world right now, I hate it when the tools wag the analytics. Hadoop is a file system, so we all need to just shut up. Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Why care? I used to be a consultant for the government and a bunch of Fortune 500 companies, and in my experience, it was easy to sell clients on various analytic approachs because they all kind of sound the same. And it is true that there are many ways to skin a quantitative cat, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than the right way.

So sit back and enjoy a poorly written story filled with skeezy characters as we learn about analytics!

  • Angewi

    Hello! Great idea and very happy that you’re going to try and stay within Excel as much as poss. I may have missed the link, but are you going to set up an rss feed for AnalyticsmadeSkeezy? Thanks!

    • I’ve added RSS feed links on the right side of the page directly under the newsletter sign-up. Enjoy!

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  • tyrone

    this is tyrone and i don’t give a crap

  • tyrone

    all i want for my birthday is a big black juicy footlong popsicle

  • Jamie Carmichael

    Amazing, do you have a newsletter anywhere?