Introduction (Plot Only)

I was talking with one of my fraternity brothers today about how Graham and I got wasted at the gentlemen’s club last night off Marietta Street. I ended up walking to the Citgo and eating eighteen of those powdered gem donuts. By the time we made it back to the frat house, I couldn’t even tell what on my shirt was powdered sugar and what was powdered-a-little-something-else.  So anyway, I was recounting the whole story to my frat bro Charlie about how Graham tried to jump over a parked car and ended up busting his ass, and he was like, “Dude, Alex, you’ve got so many stories like this. You should just write a freaking blog or something.”

So this is Alex Sheffield’s blog. Don’t tell my parents. Hell, don’t tell anyone outside the freaking frat house. And don’t tell Graham because I’m going to bust his balls all the time on here! On second thought, tell him. I’d like him to be present for the busting of his balls.

This blog is actually a great idea, because I’m leaving Atlanta in a week for Manhattan, and this’ll be a great way to stay in contact with my brothers back south. Not looking forward to dealing with Yankees, but then again, if you want to make the big bucks sometimes you gotta bury that Confederate flag. Unless you’re Dan Cathy. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.

The reason I’m heading north is that I’ve been offered an internship at a pretty prestigious hedge fund called Marker and Burge Equity Group.  They saw my presentation at the Atlanta Big Data meetup a few months back and offered me a paid internship right there on the spot just to do some high frequency trading tinkering for them.

At this point, it’s all finalized. I leave in seven days. I’ve got to stock up on some of the desserts I mentioned earlier in the post. I won’t have a contact in Manhattan, but I ain’t going the summer without a little taste.


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